The Spooky Pooch provides a fun and dog-friendly outlet for you and your canine companion to socialize with other dogs and dog enthusiasts. Because you and your dog’s safety is of utmost importance to us, we ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines while visiting The Spooky Pooch:

• Please educate children on how to approach a strange dog.  Never approach a dog without the owner's knowledge and consent.

• No pets other than dogs will be permitted.

• All dogs should be well socialized and get along with adults, children and other dogs of all sizes. Dogs that are stressed by crowds and/or display aggressive nature should not participate. 

• All dogs should be current with vaccinations.

• All dogs should be leashed except when in approved off-leash areas. Leashes should be no longer than 6 feet. For safety reasons, retractable leashes are discouraged.

• Please be prepared to pick up your dog’s waste.

Rules for Safety

Show off your artistic nature and bring your best colored Spooky Pooch artwork to the event for a fun and unique display.  Just print, color, and bring your finished work to the event.  Hang your artwork in the designated area by 3pm.  Three winners will be selected at 3pm. 


Want some great entertainment for both you AND your dog?  Lure Coursing is a sport for dogs that uses a mechanically operated lure, a string and a plastic bag to entice your dog’s interest in a great game of chase.  Dogs love it, and owners love watching them!  The same type of course is used by the Cincinnati Zoo to exercise Cheetah’s in their Cat Ambassador Program!  (but don’t worry, we won’t make your pooch run THAT fast!)


Other activities also available at the event.  All activities selected to further develop the bond between you and your furry companion through fun activities, new ideas for exercise and mutual enjoyment.

Kids coloring contest

Lure Course and other activities for your dog

The main staple of our event!  Dress up your dog (and even yourself if you're up to it!) and join fellow dogs and dog lovers in a parade through Historic Glendale.  Over $300 in prizes will be awarded for best costume!
• Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place People’s Choice.
• Check in at registration booth between 11 and 11:45am to pick up your swag bag and have your pooch’s photo taken, then meet in front of the stage for the parade to commence at 1pm.
• Judging will take place from displayed photo board between 1 and 3pm with all winners announced at 3pm.  Must be present to win.

Hey kids!  Want to join in the fun?  Make your own costumer for your favorite stuffed animal (dogs preferred) and put him on display at the Spooky Pooch event!

• Medals awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place People’s Choice

• Check in at the registration booth after 11 and pick an open spot on the display table. 

• Judging will take place between 1 and 3pm with all winners announced at 3pm.  Get your stuffed friend on display early for your best chance to win!

What is Creative Grooming?  Creative Grooming is a form of art that demonstrates the technical and artistic talents of the groomer in tandem with their respect and love of dogs.

The exhibition offers an opportunity for dog lovers in our community to experience an incredibly unique art form through the display of dogs groomed by local professionals.  All groomers abide by IJA Sanctions pertaining to safe grooming - See website for details.

Kids stuffed animal costume contest

Professional groomers Creative Grooming Exhibition

The Spookiest Pooch costume contest and parade

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